Shout Out to Women

The same 3 curious universal pertinent life questions but posed to a diverse array of women, thus creating a unique thread of seeds planted. No profit, no hierarchy, no order, just women right along side one another.
Read their magical responses here.

Country Musician
Wildlife Vet
Intl Vegan Fitness Pro

Odelle De Wet

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Lisa Hawthorne
Pro Athlete

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Toya de Lazy

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What is it?

Simple idea – Impactful purpose

This is not about celebrity or heroism. No one is better than anyone. We are just different people leading different lives. So you will see a collection of very varied women right along side each other.

This humble electronic initiative is entirely profit free, simply offering the voices of all women a soft place to land and a safe place to share. All ages, all cultures, no expectation, no judgement, no obligation. Just a space – for girls, ladies & women from all walks of life to spread their unique views, words & thoughts on these 3 ideas. In so doing with this small token, they each generously provide a valuable contribution to society with their words, in a collective effort to encourage upliftment, courage, peace, inspiration, compassion & sense of fellowship.

“We try to remain teachable, and open to finding similarities not differences”

We curate this simple series spread openly to social media across a diverse list of women and shared for anyone that may be reached in some way. The very same 3 universal, potent, fundamental questions posed to each. Inviting her to share just as she feels. It’s curious and genuine and vulnerable and moving and important. From poets to lawyers, teachers, artists, business owners, conservationists, moms, corporates, farmers, hairdressers, chefs, neighbors, leaders, sportswomen, media personalities, entrepreneurs, politicians, women in everyday health, life, hobbies, happinesses, lessons & challenges, everything in between and outside of it all. We are each unique and yet the same, with a story to connect and relate to. Now is the time and here is your space. Thank you for being you. It is everything and enough.

Here’s to sowing seeds….

Numbers that matter – what’s the Goal?


unique relatable women




profit / cost


for the good of all

start with 1, echo to millions

On a global scale Here are just some fems that inspire us.
Thank you for being you. WE SALUTE YOU, WE LOVE YOU

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Frances McDormand

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Malala Yousafzai

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Demi Lavato


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