Eleanor Brook

I am a wife, a mother of many, grandmother and CEO/founder of Home of Hope.

I attended the university of life which has taught me to: Let the sun shine on others. Make mistakes and learn from them. Tackle challenges even if you scared. life is a journey, take one day at a time. Live and love life fiercely, you only have one life. Make your career that which you are passionate about and you will not have to work one day in your life instead you will be living life. Remain humble and grateful, live out your faith in abundance.


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

When I think of this question I would say my view of life is not in achievements, but rather living life to its fullness. I treasure and love my husband and family, which is diverse and consists of biological, adopted and foster children as well as children from Hope of Hope children’s home as well as informal settlements.

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

“People describe me as being passionate, strong willed, stubborn, determined and when I put my mind to something very little stops me. Not everyone understands my passion and decisions and people can feel threatened by this which causes challenges as I am often misunderstood.”

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

I am passionate about God and the relationship I have with him. As a Christian I have been taught many things but the one that resonates with me the most is to look after orphans, widows and strangers as this touches the heart of God. 

Many years ago, I had a dream in which I heard a voice from Heaven telling me I would open a children’s home. Three years later a baby was found in a dustbin, I opened my home to him and as I follow my heart and do what I believe is right, the journey of Home of Hope began 17 years ago

Having grown up in a children’s home myself, I have reflected and utilised my own experiences from the children’s home when it has come to making life changing decisions for children and their futures. My faith in God, the amazing team of strong women who work with me has had a great influence in the direction of Home of Hope and the projects it takes on to ensure that we can make a lasting difference in the life’s of special needs children.

Fun Facts:

“I am known as a Whirlwind.  I love plants, I’m not sure how many plants it takes to be happy but what I have is definitely not enough (there is always one more that I need).  I am “Christmas light crazy”. Any light that I find I collect and in December I light up the Home of Hope house and open it to the community. Every year it has to get bigger and better to bring fun, joy and happiness into people’s life’s. I am post-menopausal so some days I amaze myself and other days I put my keys in the fridge. Laughing is the best way to start your day”

Thank you for being you!

“Where do you find inspiration? In all the ways, but mostly, inside.” – SOW

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