Tamryn Speirs

 Actress, Director/Filmmaker, Acting Coach, Voice /Presentation Skills  and Motivational coach.

Tamryn is a professional film and theatre actress who in recent years has branched out to develop her filmmaking skills and develop herself as a writer and director. She made her debut in the 2006 film Rainbow Warrior and over the years has played roles in numerous theatre, film and television series locally and abroad. 

Tamryn has over 20 years of teaching experience. In her capacity as one of the acting coaches at ACT Cape Town, she teaches rising local talents and has trained presenters for South Africa’s SABC, ETV. She has also worked as a part-time lecturer at CPUT, SAE and ORMS guiding new directors in the medium of film. She has written and directed her own short films with students and collaborated and directed for professional festivals including the 48 hour film festival. She spent time also directing for reality TV shows that focused on cooking.

Tamryn received her licentiate-teaching diploma from the Trinity College of London and diplomas in acting from the South Africa’s Cape Academy of Dramatic Arts and London’s Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts where she is in the final stages of completing her teaching LSDE.  She spent two years training in the part-time film studies program at AFDA. She has trained as an actress in New York working under the tutorship of Susan Batson (Private coach to Nicole Kidman), Tim Rowan (Leading playwright), Valerie Kingston (Uta Hagen technique) and TVI Studios.


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

I think for me it is surviving Covid lockdown! And the midlife crisis that hit me at 40, luckily that’s behind me, and 40’s is proving to be a rewarding decade especially the incredible opportunities to write and direct my own work and collaborate with incredible people, my first directorial debut was for a theatre play, Neil Labute’s Fat Pig, a celebrated cast, who during our national tour became really close friends over the years. I think our greatest achievement is being human. To be human is to surrender to the mystery of it; and be okay with all of the twists and turns you encounter along the way. To work from a growth mindset, always be a student,  set personal goals and reach for excellence in yourself. To be impeccable in your word and  let your actions reflect your character. To live an authentic life and remain a student of life always.  Matthew McConaughey beautifully pens: “be open to green lights, don’t allow the red lights to defeat you.” I have had plenty of both. It’s a wild ride of many things, one things for sure it’s not boring.”

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

Fear is the fear. It has held me back from more courageous acts and taking chances too many times in my earlier life. Developing the trust to allow myself to be vulnerable and messy sometimes. Surrounding myself with colleagues and teams for loyal years has certainly been the motivator to move forwards.  I owe much of my growth to those individuals who supported, rallied, worked alongside me in the pursuit of shared goals, visions and values AND are good with the vulnerable and messy me too.”

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

One of the most meaningful words afforded me has been to inspire others. I know that when I am inspired, greater heights feel possible. To be that for another would feel like a meaningful contribution. As a coach, teacher, mentor, I would like to believe my contribution to the world is to help people identify their purpose, their talents and gifts, their bliss and give them the tools and the confidence to go after their dreams. I certainly want to keep chasing mine!”

Thank you for being you!

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