Delane Chikukwa

I am a 21 year old girl who grew up in abusive home and due to this I struggled with self love and self esteem. I was bullied at school and when I tried to enter into relationships just so that I could fill the void that my father was responsible for, I just got more broken. Fast forward and I am now a women Empowerment activist teaching women in all aspects of life especially self awareness and their relationship with God, currently rebranding the women Empowerment Movement. I also am the founder of Signature Queen Holdings PTY LTD Which was founded in 2019 and under it are different enterprises namely: Signature Queen Modeling and character Agency, Signature Queen Farm and Signature Queen Store. Iam also a pageant Model, currently Miss Aliferous 2021 and have been selected to compete at Mini Miss RSA 2021. Above all I am a Minister of God”.


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

“Starting a company at 19 years old without any qualifications whatsoever and successfully running it. Although there are ups and downs I keep my head high.

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

My biggest fear is losing my mother, she is the pillar of my strength. And I also used to fear failing having that thought of “What if it doesn’t work out, I’m too young for this” and it used to hold me back from pursuing my dreams. But not anymore.

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

“Pageantry gives me platforms to give back to the community. I have done 3 clothing drives where I donated to fire victims and I will be starting another one soon for winter blankets as winter has approached. This will be under the Aliferous organisation.”

4. Fun Fact:

“I love dancing but I can’t dance, LOL.”

Thank you for being you!

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