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Mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister & friend. Born, raised, and schooled in Zimbabwe, with Tertiary studies in Durban. Lived and worked in London for 6 years & travelled the world, now residing in Johannesburg since Dec 2003. Executive Support Consultant extraordinaire with 25+ years’ experience in Events, PR, Comms, Project Management & Procurement in SA, and the UK. She is as homely and bubbly as she is passionate and professional with a phenomenal capacity to engage.


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

I don’t think I have a biggest achievement, but some smaller ones.  I am a Mum to 2 awesome kids, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a godmother & a friend. I love my family dearly and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. (except hold a snake!) 
I am determined, proactive, stubborn, and resilient. Yes, I admit I am stubborn and very strong-willed! I am definitely not a quitter! When I get knocked down, I get back up (just like the song!) I always strive to give of my best & persevere till the end. Having had my fair share of retrenchments and disappointments in the work arena & knocks to my self- confidence, I aspire to looking at the positive, learning from a situation and rising to a challenge.  I love spending time looking after the elderly & working with under-privileged children for two NPO’s in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am fiercely loyal and protective of my family & friends, sometimes to a fault.  I try my best to keep in touch & organise get togethers. I am slowly learning, that people are different, that not everyone thinks the same way as me, that I need to let go and that is ok .I have very high expectations for myself and of others.

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

I have many fears.  Let’s be honest, don’t we all? The Fear of FAILURE:  I set such high standards & expectations of myself to be the best I can be in all spheres of life. I am great at giving advice and encouragement to others. However, I need to listen to my own advice, stop doubting myself and have the confidence to believe in who I am, what I have to offer, and to celebrate my many abilities & achievements.

The fear of TIME: Not enough time to spend quality time with my Mum, Dad, brother, and family in Zimbabwe and for them to really get to know my children, other than a week or two per year. I would love to be able to ask my folks to fetch my kids from school, or have them stay for a weekend with the family in Zimbabwe. We are very fortunate to have my husband Patrick’s whole family here in Johannesburg, which has been such a blessing. As family is everything to me. 

The fear of TIME TO TRAVEL: Time to see the world as a family, with my husband and children and our extended families (so I will keep on entering the Lotto & Powerball to fund all the dreams!). Those who know me know that I always have a lot of things on the go, rarely relaxing or sitting still. I tried a Yoga class once, and just couldn’t do it… I kept thinking about all the things I could be doing, whilst the instructor kept telling me to breathe and clear my mind!!

The fear of TIME TO LEARN: There is so much to learn. The internet allows us to source limitless information & achieve so much, to accomplish many things.  One can never know enough. I studied like mad during lock down and learnt so much. I continue to do so. Life is too short. We must pack it all in!

The fear of CREEPY CRAWLIES: I am terrified of snakes & other creepy crawlies. To my brother- in- law, Iain, I don’t care that your house snake is harmless, but I will never be able to breathe or be ok with that snake in your house! And, sharks! Jaws that movie freaked me out. Although it is very clear now, that those sharks look so ‘plastic’, the fear is very real, so much so that whenever I am in the shadows of a pool or in the sea, that music rings through my ears, “Da, dum, da, dum, daa dum, daaa dum… and I am out in a flash!

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

“Helping. Giving. Teaching.  And not expecting anything in return! I love searching for & giving the perfect gift.  I have a love & passion to care for & give to the less fortunate. I am constantly on the look-out for old toys, books, sports equipment clothes, that anyone is throwing out. I collect these and send them up to St Marcellan’s & GlenLorne orphanages in Zimbabwe. I love to bring a little joy to each and every person. (True story: I found a lady wanting to get rid of a 3m standing trampoline. We had our old Golf 4 at the time, and I told her I would get that trampoline, with 2 plastic tables, 4 kids plastic chairs, 2 car seats, 1 bicycle,  some toys and books in the car.  She said ‘I need to take a picture of this, as my husband will never believe me!”)  For years now, my family put on a Christmas lunch for St Marcellan’s, by raising funds & generous contributions to enable everyone to celebrate Christmas with love joy and laughter. My giving nature stems from my Mum & Dad, who have always been involved in many sphere’s of the community & served on various boards, giving of their time & raising funds for the children’s home or putting on events for & spending time with the elderly at the Old Age home. 

I have a love for teaching and at a young age taught gymnastics to mentally & physically challenged children. I was so honoured to be able to work and train the first Zimbabwean (Special Olympics) team to be sent over to the USA to compete in the Special Olympics. (now known as the Para-Olympics)

I am a researcher, procurer & bargain shopper of note. If you want to find something, ask me, I will find what you are looking for and get it at the best possible price too!
I love making cakes. I belong to an amazing group called ‘Let Them Eat Cake’. Amazing people volunteer to make special cakes for orphans & the elderly in homes, on their birthdays. I try to make a cake at least once a month or every two months & get my children involved too. This makes my heart happy! I love seeing the smiles of joy when the cakes are received.

I have always wanted to be a teacher, just like my Mum.
Having loved home-schooling, whilst many friends have been going stir-crazy with their kids at home during lockdown, I have embraced the time & have been in my element! (Teacher friends used to get my Mum & I to help with marking, back in the day, and we absolutely loved it!) With a Diploma in Textile Design, a love for colour, design & detail, I can teach art. So, finally after committing to learn & study more, to achieve one of my lifelong dreams, to share my passion with others, SMUDGE Kids Club, was born. Watch this space!”

4. Fun Facts:

Nickname Muffy (from my Dad, little Miss Muffet!). 
Also known as: Muzz, Muffster, Muzzie & Dugga. (thanks JB & Laag!).
I first learnt how to drive a tractor at age 9 with my best friend (John Brans) and practiced my skills in his Dad’s 1974 Morris Minor, which we later used to get us to parties in Durban, where we did our Tertiary studies.  My first car was a white mini, bought from my cousin Janice for a steal at R284!!(I seem to have that figure in my head). Doing doughnuts in the driveway one day, with my foot flat, I drove into the side of my Mum’s 1st brand new red VW golf truck – needless to say, I had no pocket money for a VERY long time!My Dad had the white mini completely re-done, painted it yellow, with a white stripe down the side and the registration was 478-193 A (A for Anthea- Dad did that for all the family car registrations!) At 16, after failing my driver’s license the 1st time, I passed on the 2nd go after driving my instructor, to fetch his friend & drive him to get all his goods for the weekend, which included getting his meat at the butcher & stocks from the bottle store & going through the one and only robot in the town. Only in Zim! 
Modelled at age 14-16 in Zim, did ramp & photographic, but really hated being the centre of attention. Did a small stint in the UK at Elite.  Always wanted to break my leg and be on crutches, then didn’t find it very fun when I had to use crutches for 3 weeks after being run over!  As much as I am a chatterbox of note – one of my biggest fears ironically is public speaking.  John Brans is still my best friend, nearly 45 years later.

Thank you for being you!

“Where do you find inspiration? In all the ways, but mostly, inside.” – SOW

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