Karina Andersen

“I am a Woman of Vision who follows her dreams – eyes wide open – and shares her heart with all she meets. In this beautiful Garden of Awakening my roots are deep and my door is open to all those keen to play with me … I bow deeply…

My life was profoundly changed by the tragic death of my partner (and the father of my kids) in a car accident in 2002 in Germany. In the fire of my healing process I shaped THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL (TM) (TRI) Depth Coaching Methodology, founded SmilingOne and established the Circles of Change (TM) Academy. As I have imparted TRI to inmates in South African prisons (where I have trained coaches and change agents since 2008) – and entered the corporate arena to help massage the soul of business – more and more pieces of the puzzle have been revealed. So many beautiful souls are awakening to their LIGHT. 

The journey continues to guide me and to summon me to reach so many more – especially the most vulnerable in our society. Today our Awakened Leadership Path is available online through our Circles of Change (TM) Academy for aspiring leaders, coaches, healers and entrepreneurs.”


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

“Two very important mile stones come to mind.  The first one is my student mom-ship. What a powerful invitation and project this has been… to make sure I don’t harm… that I don’t spill my own trauma onto them. YAY!! I refused to be an angry Mom and daily showed up in the classroom of this incredible transformational experience.   Secondly – and deeply connected to why I become a better Mom (and where I addressed my anger) – my Change Agent work with Men in South African Prisons the past 14+ years. My flawed human sitting next to theirs. My heart is so deeply touched and grateful for the shared growth we have done. Hand in Hand. Heart by Heart!!”

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

“This question is so potent right now where I am standing at the doorstep of scaling my Circles of Change (TM) Academy to reach thousands, touching so many more hearts and souls. I know that little voice inside of me who speaks of inadequacy. It’s my human. Daily I embrace her. I tell her – it is time that we play in the BIG LEAQUE.”

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

“When the LIGHT switches ON in those I journey alongside, and they AWAKEN to their full potential and create ripples of change in their families and communities…that is when I know I have contributed in the most powerful way to our wellbeing as a collective.”

4. Fun Facts:

“I walk barefoot (now for 14 years); I bring a lot of humor to the guidance space. Get ready to both laugh and cry. It is so refreshing to fully express ourselves; I am a gypsy soul who finally found her home in South Africa!! My team are all ex-offenders.

You can find me online via Facebook, LinkedIN and Instagram.  Via my Circles of Change (TM) Academy (www.circlesofchange.academy)
I run online RECLAIM YOUR POWER bootcamps as well as our Awakened Leadership PATHS for aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders and healers.  Our coach education is called The Travel Companion. I am happy to have a connect with those keen to explore their next level of IMPACT.”

Thank you for being you!

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