Dr Caroline Pule

I’m Dr Caroline Pule, a multi-talented, enthusiastic lady and Medical Scientist who is passionate about global health, medical research, philanthropy and ensuring we have a disease-free nation. I’m also a passionate runner, hiker, gym fanatic who loves outdoor adventures. I love inspiring others through my career journey in medical sciences and my running and hiking adventures. Additionally, I’m a devout Christian, who is philanthropist and an advocate for women in STEM.


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

Completing my Doctoral degree and being a certified PhD holder, reaching the highest learning achievement of NQF level 10. When my certificate was delivered, I was over the moon when I saw my credentials updated to Dr Caroline Pule. What A true testimony of God’s grace, for a minute I just became speechless and had three words in my mind! Passion, purpose and resilience got me here; Having to hold this certificate in my hands reminded me of years ago when I said I wanted to become a Dr Pule and I was ready to work for it, to trust the process and glorify God; And as much as the journey was like running a marathon, more challenging closer to the end, I soldiered on and reached the finish line! With flying colours! Next goal Prof…all in God’s timing!

Secondly proud of getting my first honorary excellence award in medicine and research as Dr Caroline Pule where I had to also render an acceptance speech. Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute (CMMI) presented the award to me on the 27th August 2021 for my research focusing on understanding the biology of drug-resistant Tuberculosis (TB), which will lead to the development of novel anti-TB drugs. Additionally, I was honored not only on the importance and value I put on education and research but also of my engagement with communities including being a volunteer with the Mould Empower Serve charity organisation. Lastly making it on the mail and guardian 100 Young South Africans 2020 and completing comrades marathon 87km run, the ultimate human race in 2019 before covid-19 pandemic.”

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

Not living my life to the fullest and with limits. I always pray to God to help me to continue to live a purposeful life without limits, challenging myself, grow and to continue to unleash my potential. As I believe life is a beautiful gift which too short to not be lived fully, not appreciated. And our existence on earth as humans matters and we are blessed to live and have the power to make the world a better place by just being ourselves and living life to the fullest.

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

My contribution through my Tuberculosis (TB) research career as a Medical Scientist, in striving to find cures for incurable diseases doing research on Drug resistant TB research, which will lead to the development of novel anti-TB drugs and help save lives. My contribution as a philanthropist, advocate for women in STEM and being a fitness inspiration. My passion urged me to join the frontlines in fight against COVID-19 pandemic last year by joining CrowdFight COVID-19 global Initiative as a volunteer scientist to help towards COVID-19 cure research. And also I volunteered for MES Charity Organization, helping to feed the homeless people during SA level 5 lockdown.

Briefly, I’m UCT-Harvard PGSSC research fellow and UNICEF fellow. I explores surgery as a treatment adjunct modality for drug-resistant TB in settings with a very high TB prevalence and also does clinical research adding value towards TB drug discovery. I’m involved in multiple ongoing global surgery research projects in collaboration with Harvard University Medical School. Also helps as a volunteer scientist for the CrowdFight Covid-19 initiative and I’m a Goodwill Ambassador for the Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust. Additionally, a Chair of the Organisation of Women in Science in the Developing World, SA National Chapter and founder and CEO of the Caroline Pule Science and Literacy Foundation (CPSLF). She is also an ambassador for the South African National Tuberculosis Association(SANTA). This is God-ordained and my love for saving lives and passion to make the world a better place helped me to not only survive but thrive through my career journey, conducting great research and on the side developing as a leader in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) careers and as a philanthropist. It is by the grace of God I made it this far.”

“You are you own competition; your success is not measured by comparing your progress to others. But to how far you have come from the very beginning, when you decided to take action, to do something and follow your passion.” – Dr Caroline Pule”

Fun Facts:

“I’m adventurous, outspoken and sporty. I run ultra marathons, sponsored by ASICS brand. I can ski, do kickboxing, skipping rope and am a gym fanatic. I completed more than 12 marathons including the comrades’ marathon and Paris marathon. I’m a travel fanatic having traveled to more than 16 countries. I’m an advanced hiker who is always outdoors and I can dance and sing, and currently writing 2 books. I also participated in SA’s Got Talent, made it to second round, dancing to Michael Jackson music. I can speak 7 languages and am a multi-award winning medical research scientist completing my undergraduate with 14 distinctions.”

Thank you for being you!

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