Suzie Basset

“I am a facilitator of healing, a teacher, an activist, a lover of nature and crystals.”  I have a passion for learning and have qualifications in physiotherapy, kinesiology and family constellation therapy. I have also studied modules of shamanism, Aura-Soma, Reiki, craniosacral therapy and meditation. I use this knowledge under my kinesiology umbrella. I have just signed up for the Embodied Yoga Principles for coaches certification course. So looking forward to integrating embodiment philosophy into my toolbox.”


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?
” I’m going to sneak in 3 things that I am proud of:  1. Traveling on my own for two and a half months in Spain, Portugal and France when I was 19 years old.  (I’d saved up after working in a live-in pub for 7 months in England). This was in 1988, before email and cell phones! I had an incredible adventure, connecting to many other travellers and local people.  2. My dragonfly mosaic. I am not usually creative in an artistic way and this dragonfly was my first mosaic project.  And 3. Completing hiking trails including the Otter Trail, the Amatola Hike (Hogsback 6 day,100km); Transkei Coast: Port St Johns to Coffee Bay; The Outeniqua Trail and Ben Macdui Hike from Rhodes village in the Eastern Cape, on the border with Lesotho. 

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?
“I fear the ongoing consequences of humanity’s disconnection from Nature that results in her destruction. My heart aches for all the plants, trees, small creatures, animals, rivers, lakes and oceans treated so badly by humans. We have more than enough intelligence to do better, to live more sustainably and in harmony with Mother Earth.”

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?
“My strength is that I combine intuition with “science”.  I am in awe of the magnificent intelligence of the human body and I love the fact that I have grounding in the intelligence of the body through my BSc Physiotherapy. My intuition has developed through my kinesiology training and practice over the last 20 years. I have developed the skill of clairsentience.  Kinesiology brings balance to the body and clarity to the mind. In kinesiology philosophy we say “the body doesn’t lie”. The body’s innate wisdom, reflected in this accurate biofeedback via muscle testing and my physio training, is a winning combination. It allows me, together with the client, to figure out the next practical steps that each client can take on their journey to bring about change/healing /evolution in their lives.”

Fun Facts:
“I took a double gap year after school, which was life-changing for me. I matriculated in 1986 and worked and travelled in ‘87 and ‘88 before studying physio in 1989.  Most of this time, I worked and travelled without another South African in sight and this allowed me to learn about and express my real self. No one knew me, so incredibly liberating. I went from shy and reserved to open and expressive.  I began my travels by working on a Kibbutz with a friend for 3 months and we travelled from Israel to Greece, Naples and Rome. After this we parted ways and I got a live-in bar and waitressing job in the UK.  I worked more than travelled, but had adventures on my own in Spain, Portugal, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Orkney Isles, Andorra for skiing and the Netherlands. I am proud that I supported myself financially in this time overseas; as soon as I finished matric exams, I started waitressing and saving. The only financial support my family gave me was my air ticket to Israel, which cost R1500 for a year open return ticket.”


Thank you for being you!

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