Sureshnie Rieder

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“I am a Radio Head.
I am a Radio Presenter with a deep passion for journalism, content creation and playing in a digital space. I graduated in Journalism, and  for the past 24 years of my career managed to work at 4 different radio stations. I am a radio presenter, news reader, producer and now media trainer. I always refer to myself as a ‘Juggler’. A busy body Mum, Wife and aspiring Podcaster. I am an MC, corpate TV host, Voice over Artist and the maker of spicy chicken curry.”


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

“I think for me personally my greatest achievement is the moment I got my job at 5fm. You see, 5fm was the unicorn, the big dream, the almost unattainable. It was MY absolute dream to sit on the same seat as some of my idols. The moment I left Durban with the pillow in hand, and landed at that station, I realised that affirmations do manifest, when you power them with  passion, prayer, belief and some guts :). That moment of arriving there, also meant that I broke barriers as a brown girl, and as a woman. It made me realise that having that power to believe meant more for my family and my community and I needed to represent the best way I could.”

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

“My greatest fear is simple…Frogs! I’m petrified of frogs. I will not step an inch…but seriously what holds me back is something termed ‘Imposter syndrome’. It’s this feeling of self doubt and feeling inadequate or  not being ‘good or smart enough’. It’s something that crept into my world recently and I’m working very hard for it not to consume me. I am blessed to be surrounded by my incredible husband who is my daily cheerleader and encourages me. We are allowed to feel these ‘feels’ but I am doing all I can to work through and overcome like many others”

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

“I have always been an advocate for showing Kindness and compassion. It is something that I pride myself in, and something I think we should all readily try to impart. This world needs agents of change, who truly want to make a difference. I think with the body of radio work I have created, the  running theme has always been about spreading Kindness, Love and  Compassion. It’s a legacy I want to create and grow as much as I can.”

4. Fun Facts

“I mc’d the Kelly Clarkson concert in Durban when she was out here on tour. And on that particular opening night Kelly  begged me for my dress, she was willing to swap and give me her clothes, because she lovedthis particular dress so much 🙂
My radio advert that I voiced for the sale of samosas was once banned because there were complaints that it was deemed ’too sexy’….I’ll never let that down.
Lolly Jackson once offered me a job to dj’ in a gold cage at one of his establishments
. If I could right now, I would ship my family and I and live in South Korea.”

Thank you for being you!

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