Kate Strong

Plant-Based Adventurer | Performance & Mindset Coach | Keynote Speaker | Podcast Host | Cycling World Record holder | Unlocking Human Potential
Welsh origin, based Bristol United Kingdom

Kate Strong leads by example in attaining peak performance whether that’s climbing Mont Blanc, breaking 3x cycling world records or founding a charity, Limitless Foundation.

She is a widely sought after coach, enabling conscious individuals to release the grip of the past and introduce flow into their daily way of being. Kate is also a keynote speaker on sustainable growth, resilience and the true qualities of leadership needed today.

Kate has lived and travelled all over the globe, earning a double Masters in Engineering while living in England, France & Italy, She’s set up micro businesses in indigenous communities in Guatemala, Cambodia and Vietnam as well as teaching diving in Spain & Mexico and founding a hospitality business in Australia. It was during her time in Australia that she discovered triathlon while recovering from a toxic relationship. Within 14 months of taking up the sport, she was crowned age-group World Champion.

While what she has gone through isn’t unique, the way she has responded to it most certainly is. And she’s still stretching further, currently training for an epic world’s first adventure: cycling 3,000miles in the world’s toughest road race RAAM, swimming the English Channel and attempting to summit Everest all within 12 months! 


1. What’s your biggest achievement / Something you’re proud of yourself for?

“My biggest achievement is when I started running again back in 2012. I had been waiting for ‘more time’, ‘more money’ and other excuses to start getting back into fitness. I was still in a very controlling and toxic relationship where my ex shouted and put me down regularly and was tracking my mobile phone, so I needed permission before leaving the house. I knew I wanted to – and needed to – do something for myself, so late at night, I hid my phone in the letterbox and went for a couple of minutes jog. After a few hundred metres, I had to stop because my fitness level was so low, but I felt something I hadn’t felt for a long time; I felt alive!
That run was the toughest run I ever did because I had to break my old patterns of negative self-talk and believing my ex’s horrible actions against me. I continued running a couple of times a week, always at night and leaving my phone in the letterbox so he couldn’t track me, and I slowly built up my confidence.We broke up later that year and within 12 months, I was age-group national champion in triathlon. This fuelled me to never give up on myself, and to always discover my true potential, rather than believing other people’s opinion of me.”

2. What’s your biggest fear / something that holds you back?

“Something that holds me back is my desire to stay in my comfort zone. Logically, I know it’s a place where I don’t grow, nor create uplifting experiences. My greatest memories have taken place when I’m outside my comfort zone, yet I still crave it.I do my best to combat my resistance to push myself through sharing it publicly on social media as well as asking others to be a part of the journey. I love being with other people and seeing them grow, and this fuels me a little bit more to keep moving forwards even on days (or weeks!) when I don’t want to.”

3. What’s your biggest contribution / Something you like to share?

“Put yourself first and do what you love doing. There will always be some people who judge you, as well as others who totally get your vibe, so you might as well live your life with authenticity and pride for who you are and attract the people who support you in being the greatest version of yourself!”

Fun facts:

“I was junior National Champion in javelin when I was a teenager. I am teaching myself to write with my left hand. I enjoy cross-stitch and quilting.”

Thank you for being you!

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